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🌺 Womb Divinity Altar Kits (3 options available)

$55.55 - $115.55
🌺 Womb Divinity Altar Kits (3 options available)

🌸🌷🌹Hey Divine You ,Hey!

The divinity in you is screaming to maintain it's connection to the Universe, your ancestors. She wants to know where she came from.
How can you satisfy your soul?...

🕯First things first, begin an ancestral connection by building an altar.
Pour libations at your altar, pray, sing, & chant while you honor the ancestors who help you in your everyday life.

🕯Whether you are reading a book like Sacred Woman by Queen Afua & need the items required for each gateway or just for maintaining your own journey, you can get started today. These kits have everything you need to start today.

💓No more delaying your healing! Start now!

Every altar needs:
💨AIR: represents connection to spirit realm & the invisible part that lives but we cannot see.

🌿EARTH: represents groundedness & the tangible part of nature.

🌊WATER: represents reverence for our emotional body & the cycles/waves of life.

🔥FIRE: represents the spark, passion, will, & courage we embody.


💫For those reading Sacred Woman:

1. the XL kits contain Dandelion Root & Rapsberry Leaf used for Gateway 0 (Sacred Womb Healing).
2. XL kits come with 8 beautiful, nice sized, raw crystals. (crystal types may vary). Use one for each gateway:
💜Amethyst (Sacred Work or Sacred Time)
💙Lapis Lazuli (Sacred Words)
💚Green Calcite (Sacred Relationships + Sacred Foods)
🧡 Orange Carnelian (Sacred Womb)
🖤 Obsidian (Sacred Healing + Sacred Space)
🤎Tiger's Eye (Sacred Healing)
🤍Clear Quartz (use for any gateway, especially Gateway 0)
💗Rose Quartz (Sacred Union)



🌸Small Blossom Kit Includes:
2 Mini sage sticks
1 Organic, 100% Pure Frankincense Essential Oil
1 White Large Ostrich Feather
1 Mini Soy Wax Candle
0.5 Ounces of Organic Dandelion Root
0.5 Ounces of Organic Red Raspberry Leaf

🌺Large Lotus Kit
1 Mini sage stick
1 Organic, 100% Pure Frankincense Essential Oil
1 White Large Ostrich Feather
1 mini Hand-poured Soy Wax Candle
8 crystals for each gateway
1 Brass Embossed Ankh
1 singing bowl
1 Ounce of Organic Dandelion Root
1 Ounce of Organic Red Raspberry Leaf
1 Hardcover Journal & Luxury Pen
Pick 1 Flower Essence of Choice: (1. Deal with Grief, 2. Compassion, 3. Calm, 4. Face Fears, 5. Accept Yourself, 6. Live in the Moment, 7. Beat Procrastination, 8. Self Respect, 9. Joyful, 10. Feel Secure)

🌺🌺Large Lotus Kit + White Tablecloth
🔘Includes everything in the Lotus Kit plus a white tablecloth!

Nuk Pu Nrt Hmt !