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💫 Energy Healing & Herbal Consultations 🌿

$45.00 - $180.00
💫 Energy Healing & Herbal Consultations 🌿

🌿 Herbal Inquiry Consult:
➡️ 15 minute Personalized Healing Plan:

✅ Ask what products you may need.
✅ Ask what modalities can help heal your situation.
✅ Ask for directions on using multiple products at once.
✅ Ask what foods are best based on your height, weight, body structure.

💫 Energetic Cleansing:
➡️ Cleansing done to open roadblocks & emotional wellness.

✅ Get a divination, tarot, oracle, & birth chart reading to discover traumas, healing points, & karma.
✅ Get help removing blockages, negative energies, unhealed traumas so you can move forward with confidence.
✅ I perform a long-distance cleansing ritual I have tailored to you based on your astrology & current energy.
✅ Rituals with instructions to do at home.

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